‘Jealous’ gal learns fate for mutilating woman’s corpse


Shaynna Sims was convicted in April after she removed both breasts and a toe from the body of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend during a funeral-home viewing in 2015.

A woman convicted of mutilating another woman’s corpse prior to a funeral service in 2015 has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Shaynna Sims, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was found guilty in April of slashing the face and “crudely” cutting the breasts and toe off the body of Tabatha Lynch, 38, the ex-girlfriend of Sims’ now-estranged husband.

Lynch’s corpse was in a casket at Moore’s Eastlawn Chapel ahead of a scheduled funeral and cremation. She had died of natural causes.

Sims then took graphic photos of Lynch’s mutilated body.

Sims allegedly inflicted a deep cut on the deceased woman’s head from her hairline to the tip of her nose, smeared the cadaver’s makeup and threw clumps of hair onto the floor.

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The dead woman’s mother told police she grew suspicious when she saw Sims with her hands inside the casket. When she approached her daughter’s corpse, Sims fled the chapel.

As WND reported, Sims also burglarized Lynch’s apartment after gaining entry by claiming she worked for the funeral home and was there to pick up jewelry.

During the trial, prosecutors portrayed Sims as a “scorned wife” who was out for revenge on the dead woman for an affair she believed Lynch had been having with her spouse.

The defense claimed Sims simply took her frustrations a “step too far” when she mutilated Lynch’s body and that Sims was “not in her right mind” at the time.

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