Ebola over – U.S. wants West African immigrants to go home

(PRI) Last week, about 4,000 West African immigrants living and working legally in the US lost their immigration status.

They were formerly part of the temporary protected status program, or TPS, which the US offers to people from countries in crisis. In 2014, TPS was granted to people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea due to the outbreak of Ebola there.

The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola outbreak over. So on May 20, TPS expired for people from these nations, including a Liberian novelist named Paul, who asked to go by his first name only to protect his identity.

Now that his status is up, Paul is living in the US unauthorized — but he says it’s impossible for him and others in his situation to return to Liberia.

from Propaganda Guard https://propguard.tumblr.com/post/161402780378
from Tumblr http://lisahcnease.tumblr.com/post/161402864517

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