Author: Designate ‘antifa’ a domestic terror group


WASHINGTON – Author Scott Greer is calling on the Trump administration to label the radical left-wing “antifa” coalition a domestic terror group, highlighting its penchant for violence and the fact that members are rapidly becoming “more brazen in their threats.”

“Antifa,” short for “antifascist action,” is mostly composed of self-described anarchists and revolutionary communists. It has been responsible for waves of anti-Trump violence across the United States since last November’s election.

The group is not centrally organized and includes a number of independent cells.

But such groups recently were active at Evergreen State College where they violently assaulted conservative demonstrators who rallied at the liberal school. A group called Patriot Prayer marched to the campuses’ Red Square in support of free speech, where they were then confronted by antifa demonstrators.

Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer.

Joey Gibson, the organizer of the Patriot Prayer group, was pepper-sprayed and assaulted with projectiles, leaving him bloody. One antifa member, reportedly armed with a knife, was restrained by the Patriot Prayer group and arrested for disorderly conduct.

“He had his knife open, and he was pointing it at one of our guys, so we put him down and took him to the cops,” a Patriot Prayer member told Seattle’s KIRO-TV. When members of the Patriot Prayer group returned to their cars after the event, many found their tires slashed.

“They’re becoming more brazen in their threats,” Greer said in an interview on the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.” “One of the worst examples of their terroristic intimidation is that in Portland, they were going to have a parade there in April, and they managed to shut it down because they heard Republicans were going to be there.

“They threatened to drag and beat any Republicans that were in the parade,” Greer clarified.

Greer, the author of “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination,” has written extensively on leftist violence and harassment.

“[Antifa members] use terror tactics different from ISIS and other Islamic militant groups. Instead of bombs and guns, they use bricks and bike locks to intimidate and harass and suppress civil liberties and to threaten their political opponents,” Greer told “Fox & Friends.”

Greer notes antifa rarely go after self-identified fascists but instead label anyone they disagree with as “fascists” and then justify violence against them.

“As you can tell, they have a very broad definition of ‘fascist’ if they’re gonna target a progressive professor,” Greer noted, referring to Evergreen State professor Bret Weinstein.

Weinstein was the center of the conflict at Evergreen State College. His safety was threatened by violent leftist protesters who labeled him a “white supremacist” for refusing to partake in a “Day of Absence” in which white students and faculty were coerced to leave campus for a day.

Students were later seen patrolling the campus with baseball bats, and Weinstein claims on Twitter he received credible reports that people were “hit” by the leftist thugs, though it is unknown if the students were affiliated with an antifa group.

The interview:


Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017, “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer.

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