This day in WND history: FBI cancels leave for Y2K


FBI cancels leave for Y2K

WND-20-YearsJuly 8, 1999: While some scoffed and others fretted over the possible chaos that might occur when the calendar rolled over to a new millennium, FBI agents across the country got hit with the bad news they wouldn’t be able to take time off over the Christmas holiday.

WND reported on an internal FBI memo stating all end-of-the-year leaves had been canceled for three to four weeks between the middle of December and the middle of January.

Commenting on the infrequency of such a move by the FBI, WND’s source said, “To my knowledge, even during the Iranian crisis in 1980 and the war with Iraq, I don’t think the entire FBI had been on alert and all annual leave canceled.”

“It’s a mess,” he concluded, concerning the FBI’s Y2K preparation. “They’re very much behind. If it was a 72 hour ‘snowstorm,’ you wouldn’t bring out 12,000 FBI agents on stand-by and, for the first time maybe in FBI history, cancel everybody’s annual leave for a 20-30 day time frame. That’s very significant. In my line of work, that’s called a clue.”

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