This day in WND history: Farrakhan calls for blacks to ‘rise up’ against white oppressors

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

WND-20-YearsFarrakhan calls for blacks to ‘rise up’ against white oppressors

Aug. 15, 2015: Preaching directly from the Quran before a packed Baptist church, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told his adoring audience that violent retaliation is the only way for American blacks to “rise up” and overthrow their white oppressors.

Conservative black leaders told WND they believed Farrakhan’s statements went beyond the limits of free speech into the realm of criminal incitement.

“I’m looking for ten thousand in the midst of the million. Ten thousand men who say, ‘Death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny,’” Farrakhan told the congregants at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Miami in a speech that he posted on his Facebook page.

He then launched into a poetic tirade against whites backed up with Quranic verse.

“Death is sweeter than to continue to live and bury our children, while white folks give the killer hamburgers.

“Death is sweeter, than watching us slaughter each other, to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy. Yes, death is sweeter.

“The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. Then it says, ‘Retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain.’ Retaliation is a prescription from God, to calm the breast of those whose children have been slain.

“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.”

The crowd responded with a standing ovation as the 82-year-old Muslim preacher bathed in the moment.

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‘Yes, I am a terrorist’

alwatanAug. 5, 2002: The Arabic-language “national weekly Arab-American newspaper” Al-Watan, published in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, featured two poems – “Yes I am a Terrorist,” which extolled the virtues of mass murderers, and “The Ape,” which portrayed President George W. Bush as a gorilla.

Al-Watan’s stated mission is to provide Arab and Muslim Americans “with the most current, valuable, reliable, and informative news on political, economic, social, cultural, and educational issues, which concern the Arab-American community in their relations with the U.S. society at large … through maintaining a positive relationship with the community … coordinating efforts with Arab and Muslim American organizations to promote the achievements of the community as well as empower them through active involvement through political, media, social, and educational sectors.”

Read both poems and see if you think Al-Watan lived up to its mission statement.

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