Journalist: I was fired for criticizing Islam


An award-winning broadcast journalist and book author has revealed that she was fired from her job for criticizing political Islam and warning Icelandic people about its dangers.

Christine Douglass-Williams, who authored “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam,” has documented her ordeal in a report titled “Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government alliance silences free speech at the Gatestone Institute.

“For writing and warning about political Islam, I was terminated as a director at the federal government’s Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), an agency usually at arms-length from the federal government,” she begins.

The punishment followed a “threatening letter” from Heritage Minister Melanie Joly regarding commentary she had submitted to Jihad Watch, a website that focuses on the threat from Islam and its politics.

Terror an increasing presence in today’s world, and the WND Superstore has the background in “Muslim Mafia,” “Religion of Peace?” “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” “God’s War on Terror” and other titles.

“Joly made good on her threats. The privy council has terminated my appointment, despite my years of dedicated commitment to the foundation, on which I also served as chair of the investment committee, and as a member of the human resource and executive committees. Why? Because I dared to criticize political Islam on Jihad Watch, and because of My Personal Warning to Icelanders, in which I warned about the deceptive works of Muslim Brotherhood operatives in their infiltration of the West. Their tactics are well documented,” she wrote.

Douglass-Williams explained she makes a distinction between those who practice Islam in peace and harmony, and “those with an agenda to subvert democratic constitutions, demand special privileges over other creeds, and attack innocent people as a supremacist entitlement.”

She said that pro-Islamist organizations had been highly critical of her, while free speech advocates supported her.

“Tom Quiggin, a former military intelligence officer and a court-appointed expert on jihadist terrorism in Canadian courts, documents a troubling trend in Canada, such as the bullying of a Sun Media Journalist, Anthony Furey; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s passion in battling ‘Islamophobia;’ his pro-Islamist sympathies in welcoming back foreign Islamic State fighters; and tabling an anti-islamophobia motion M-103 in parliament,” she explained.

She said Quiggin wrote: “Douglass-Williams’ firing is worrying as it emanates from the Canadian Heritage Ministry – the same ministry which is holding hearings into the anti-Islamophobia Motion M103 … the firing does not occur in isolation and should be seen in a specific context. Canada has an Islamic supremacist entryist problem in government … anyone who speaks out against this support for the cause of political Islam will be silenced by the government of Canada as it moves towards a greater acceptance of Islamic extremism and violence.”

She wrote, “Canada’s Motion M-103 puts Islam above all other religions in that any other religion can be discussed openly, criticized openly and even be mocked openly without punishment or state penalty.”

Terror is an increasing presence in today’s world, and the WND Superstore has the background you need in “Muslim Mafia,” “Religion of Peace?” “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” “God’s War on Terror” and other titles.

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