Jennifer Hudson: I loved working at Burger King


Jennifer Hudson, an Oscar-winner for the musical “Dreamgirls,” a Grammy-winner in 2009 for her debut album and a coach on the TV show “The Voice UK,” says she even liked working at Burger King.

The 36-year-old Chicagoan, who came to fame in 2004 competing on “American Idol,” revealed some of her personal favorites and memorable moments in a question-and-answer with the Guardian newspaper of London.

And she revealed what book has changed her life.

“The Bible. I’ve been reading it since I was little, and it hasn’t failed me yet.”

She says she’s happiest around the holidays, “because I get to spend them with family and friends,” and she most admires Aretha Franklin.

What does Hollywood believe, if anything? Ray Comfort explains what John Wayne said about God and why George Lucas produced “Star Wars,” in “What Hollywood Believes.”

“I mean, she’s Aretha! That says it all.”

She loves “to pop gum loudly” and likes the natural smells of vanilla, coconut and chestnut.

She said she’s always wanted to be a singer, and her earliest memories include sitting “on the steps of my mother’s home in Chicago, singing into a brush like it was a mic.”

She never can turn down a chocolate chip cookie, and she’s never said “I love you” and not meant it.

Other tidbits: “I owe my mother everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today if she hadn’t been there to raise me right.”

And who would she invite to her dream dinner party? “I’d invite my closest family and friends and see who shows up.”

She says she even loved her job at Burger King, and she wouldn’t change a thing about her past.

Her greatest achievement?

“Professionally, receiving my first Grammy from Whitney Houston.”

She said she would like to be remembered “as a human who feels and loves just like everyone else feels and loves.”



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