8 signs of counterintel op used against Trump’s campaign

(The Hill) It may be true that President Trump illegally conspired with Russia and was so good at covering it up he’s managed to outwit our best intel and media minds who’ve searched for irrefutable evidence for two years. (We still await special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings.)

But there’s a growing appearance of alleged wrongdoing equally as insidious, if not more so, because it implies widespread misuse of America’s intelligence and law enforcement apparatus.

Here are eight signs pointing to a counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump for political reasons.

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Cringeworthy: Lawmaker tries to talk way out of DWI

(London Daily Mail) A tearful New Mexico state lawmaker tried to charm police into waiving her drunk driving offense by telling the arresting officer that she had always stood up for them when people claimed they were racist.

State Rep. Monica Youngblood was arrested early Sunday morning after being stopped by police at a DWI checkpoint in Albuquerque.

Police said the 41-year-old had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and that she failed to perform well on four different field sobriety tests.

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Study: Guns in Chicago just ‘2.5 handshakes’ away

(London Daily Mail) Gun violence has long been a problem in Chicago, but a new study has found that offenders are closer to firearms than previously thought.

A Northwestern University study recreated a network of approximately 188,000 arrestees by grouping individuals who had been arrested together.

They found on average, any person in the network was 2.5 ‘handshakes’ away from a gun in the city of Chicago.

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Leftist prof fined for vandalizing home of NRA lobbyist

(Gateway Pundit) A professor of sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been fined $500 after being convicted of smearing fake blood on the Virginia home of NRA lobbyist Chris Cox.

Patricia Hill was found guilty on Monday over the incident that occurred in January. Following her court appearance, she was served with another warrant over a similar incident in October.

In addition to the fine, Hill was ordered not to contact the Cox family and stay 500 feet away from their home. She is also under a temporary restraining order barring her from Cox’s wife’s business and the NRA offices.

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IRS warns states to not circumvent state, local tax cap

(New York Times) The Internal Revenue Service is preparing to crack down on states that try to circumvent a new limit on the state and local tax deduction, saying on Wednesday that it will not allow local governments to find creative ways to help individuals fully deduct those taxes.

The I.R.S. warning comes in response to states, like New York, that have looked for ways to blunt the impact of a new $10,000 cap on the state and local tax deduction, known as SALT. The cap, which was included in last year’s $1.5 trillion Republican tax overhaul, hit predominantly Democratic, high-tax states hardest since it limits the amount of state and local sales, income and property taxes that residents can deduct from their federal taxes.

That has prompted a scramble among local lawmakers to find ways to allow constituents who owe more than $10,000 to continue to fully deduct those taxes and avoid a tax increase.

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Woman claims cop raped her, body cam shows different

(Dailywire) A woman who claimed that a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper raped her after she was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated, might want to rethink her story now that the Texas Department of Public Safety has released the body cam footage from the arrest.

The Texas Highway Patrol Trooper pulled over 37-year-old Sherita Dixon-Cole after she allegedly committed a traffic violation. They arrested her and took her to the Ellis County Jail, where she was formally charged with DWI. In a press statement, the Texas Department of Public Safety wrote:

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Justice Kennedy retiring at term’s end ‘very real possibility’

(Washington Times) Sen. Mike Lee says the retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy is a “very real possibility” that could take place before July.

The Utah Republican added that Justice Kennedy, a Reagan appointee who has split with conservative jurists on issues like gay marriage and abortion, would prefer to be replaced by a Republican president.

“A lot of chatter suggesting that Justice Kennedy might be preparing for retirement as soon as this year,” Mr. Lee said Tuesday on Fox News Radio’s “Benson & Harf.” “Sometime between now and the end of June or first day or two of July would be when we would expect an announcement from Justice Kennedy if he were going to do it. What I am hearing is that he is at least considering it and it’s a very real possibility.”

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Gun-control support fades 3 months after Florida massacre

(Reuters) The Parkland, Florida, school massacre has had little lasting impact on U.S. views on gun control, three months after the shooting deaths of 17 people propelled a national movement by some student survivors, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Wednesday.

While U.S. public support for more gun control measures has grown slowly but steadily over the years, it typically spikes immediately after the mass shootings that have become part of the U.S. landscape, then falls back to pre-massacre levels within a few months.

The poll found that 69 percent of American adults supported strong or moderate regulations or restrictions for firearms, down from 75 percent in late March, when the first poll was conducted following the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. The new poll numbers are virtually unchanged from pre-Parkland levels.

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Beachfront home dreamin’ becomes California nightmare


A lawsuit has been filed against the California Coastal Commission for a new rule requiring that homeowners who want to improve coastal properties forever give up their right to protect their residences from “waves, erosion, storm conditions, liquefaction, flooding, sea level rise, or any other coastal hazards.”

The case was filed in Superior Court for Orange County by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of the Coastal Rights Commission.

At issue is a new rule that the state agency adopted a few years ago, the California Coastal Act, which provides and protects public access to beaches and works to preserve coastal resources.

But the law also is supposed to respect private property.

The case erupted because the agency adopted a requirement that homeowners seeking a permit to repairs or improve a property must forever waive all rights to do anything to protect the property from nature.

PLF said that even thought the Coastal Act “recognizes the right of coastal property owners to protect homes and other structures from erosion with seawalls, the commission generally opposes their construction.”

Since 2010, those who want to build homes, substantially remodel existing homes, or do other projects must “forever waive their right to build shoreline protective devices.”

“Homeowners saddled with this permit condition must tear down their homes in the event of catastrophic storms or bluff collapse,” PLF said.

The lawsuit argues that while laws must be subject to a process that includes public hearings and comment, “the commission did none of this.”

Bureaucrats, PLF said, “simply began enforcing its anti-seawall rule on its own whim (and at the behest of some environmentalist constituencies).”

PLF said “the regulation is not just destructive, it is illegal: Bureaucrats imposed it, in essence, by fiat – without input from the homeowners who will be hurt or from any other members of the public, even though the law requires a process that is transparent and open to all.”

The rule, PLF said, “is an illegal, underground regulation because the commission has not subjected it to the rulemaking requirements of the California Administrative Procedure Act and the rule does not fall into any of the APA’s exceptions.”

The Coastal Rights Commission is a volunteer group of 4,900 homeowners that promotes even-handed enforcement of coastal rules.

The complaint specifies that the property owners and their heirs are banned by the state from ever building or remodeling “unless they forfeit their constitutional and statutory rights to defend that property against natural hazards.”

The state even demands a deed restriction be filed, so that any future owners are informed of the loss of some property rights they may want to exercise.

The complaint points out that along Mission Beach, a public sidewalk between the homes and the coast already is protected “by a cement wall.” But homeowners are banned from erecting a similar protection for their homes.

The case alleges violations of the APA and requests a court ruling that directs the agency to invalidate the rule.

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Report: Chinese ‘training’ camps now use ‘forced medication’


Chinese “training camps” to which the government sends people with beliefs not tolerated by the communist regime are using “forced medication” on inmates, both Christian and Muslim, reveals a new report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Brief mention of the practice is included in a report from China Aid Association, a Texas-based organization that reports on abuse of Christians in the country.

Its new report concerns the torture of minority citizens in Xinjiang and visitors from neighboring Kazakhstan.

Chinese government agents are meeting their quotas by randomly making arrests and sending those they arrest to training camps, China Aid said.

“Within detention camps, prisoners reportedly suffer from memory loss and reproductive issues due to forced medication. As a result, individuals living in Kazakhstan continue to urge the Kazakh government to intervene on behalf of their family members unlawfully detained across the border,” the report said.

In recent years, Chinese authorities have been suppressing racial minorities to combat “extremism” and ensure loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang, a large desert region on China’s border with Kazakhstan.

“Minority citizens, especially those belonging to the Uyghur and Kazakh ethnic groups, both of which are predominantly Muslim, have been affected the most extensively,” the report said.

But there also are at least dozens, if not hundreds, of Christians in the camps.

The “political training centers,” also known as “reformation centers,” have been set up around the region for minority citizens. The inmates are “forbidden from contacting their families, tortured, and subjected to propaganda in an attempt to ‘cure’ them of their religious beliefs and cultural heritage,” the report said.

“New reports coming out of these detention camps indicate that detainees are now being forcibly medicated and injected with unknown substances. Those released suffered from loss of memory or even loss of reproductive ability. China has used forced sterilizations in the past to try to enforce its population control policies, such as the one-child policy and the more recent two-child policy,” the report said.

For the rest of this report, and more, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

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