‘Big lie’ that Dems no longer racist party

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

WASHINGTON – The progressive left typically dismisses the Democratic Party’s history of segregation and slavery, contending the two parties “switched,” with the GOP morphing into the party of “white supremacists,” contends documentary filmmaker and bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza.

In an interview with WND, he called the claim the parties switched a “big lie.”

Democrats, he asserted, are “trying to shift the blame for slavery and bigotry from the Democratic Party, where it actually belongs, on to someone else.”

“That someone else is the white man, it’s the South, its America that is to blame,” said D’Souza, author of the newly released best-seller “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of American Left.”

The famed founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud called it “transference,” D’Souza noted, when “the guilty party takes his own crimes and sins, tries to project them onto someone else.”

“What makes this a particularly big lie, is that the Democrats are trying to move the blame to the Republicans, who are actually the good guys that fought them all the way,” he said.

D’Souza believes the Democratic Party’s agenda is as racist now as it was during the Civil War.

In contrast, he insisted the core principle of the Republican Party today is identical with the principle Abraham Lincoln articulated in 1860.

Lincoln defined slavery as “you work and I eat.”

“In other words, slavery is stealing another man’s labor. According to Lincoln, that’s what the Democrats were all about – stealing other people’s labor,” he said.

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Dixiecrats ‘died Democrats’

D’Souza said the idea that the segregationist Dixiecrat lawmakers became Republicans is “pure fiction.”

He said the reason the “big switch” gained some plausibility is that the South used to be Democratic and it is now largely Republican.

“Superficially, on the surface, it seems to corroborate the big switch. But as racism declined in the South, the South became more Republican,” he said.

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

He argued there’s an “inverse relationship between racism and Republicanism.”

“If you drew a chart, you’d see the South’s racism throughout the 20th century ’til now going down, down, down, down and its Republican affiliation going up, up, up, up.”

When Republicans led the charge against slavery, they also were targeted for death and intimidation by the Ku Klux Klan, D’Souza said, which effectively served as the military wing of the Democratic Party.

He pointed out that among the long line of Dixiecrats, only one, Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, switched to the Republican Party.

The rest, including former KKK leader Robert Byrd, “stayed in the Democratic Party and died as Democrats.”

D’Souza described Byrd, a senator from West Virginia who served in various party leadership roles, including Senate majority leader, as “one of the most notorious racists of our lifetime.”

“Hillary Clinton called him her mentor – this guy died in 2010, we are not talking about the 1960s or the 1860s, ” he said. “Yet, half of West Virginia is named after Robert Byrd. As you drive up and down, there Robert Byrd highway, Robert Byrd medical center, Robert Byrd monument, Robert Byrd this and Robert Byrd that.

“If the left was really trying to get rid of the stains of racist history, they’d be pulling down all of those monuments. They’d be renaming all of those schools. They don’t do that. Why? Because they are actually about something else – trying to shift the blame for slavery and bigotry from the Democratic Party.”

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Why are most blacks Democrats?

Recognizing Lincoln’s role in ending slavery and the virulent segregationist policies championed by Southern Democrats, the majority of African-Americans were strongly aligned with the GOP from Reconstruction to the Great Depression.

Today, however, approximately 87 percent of black voters identify with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic, compared with just 7 percent who identify as Republican or lean Republican, according to the Pew Research Center.

The transformation of the American electorate had nothing to do with the Democratic Party changing its stance on civil rights, D’Souza insisted.

“Blacks aren’t voting for Democrats because Democrats have been good on race relations,” he said. “Most of the shift actually occurred in the 1930s, under FDR, for economic reasons, because of the economic benefits of the New Deal.

“Remember, at that time the Democratic Party was blatantly and openly the party of segregation and the Ku Klux Klan, so it makes no sense to say that blacks were joining the Democratic Party because it was the party that was progressive or better on the issue of race relations. It manifestly was not.”

The Democratic Party’s platform of wealth distribution, government dependence, high taxes and social programs is the antitheses of social mobility, D’Souza argued.

“The Republican Party is the party of getting to keep the stuff that you earn. As Lincoln put it, ‘The hand that makes the corn, has the right to put the corn into its own mouth,‘” he said.

“Now, I ask you, isn’t this exactly what the Republican Party and the Democratic Party stand for today? The Republican Party stands for keeping your own earnings. And the Democratic Party stands for the principle, ‘You work and I eat.‘”

“The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of American Left,” Dinesh D’Souza’s stunning new explanation of what makes the the leftists in America tick, is now available at the WND Superstore.

Filtered message

But D’Souza said the GOP’s attempts to communicate its message is filtered and obstructed by the Democratic “megaphones”: Hollywood, academia and the media.

“The left is very dominant in all three, and so they are able to put out a massive supply of fiction. Even if you or I know differently, it’s difficult for us to try and contradict it because we don’t have as big a megaphone,” he said.

The Democratic Party has no desire to erase its bigoted history by demolishing Confederate statues, D’Souza argued, but is determined to attribute to its legacy of standing on the wrong side of civil rights to its political opposition.

The series of DNC emails WikiLeaks published during the 2016 presidential election, which revealed that high-ranking officials of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign used racist, anti-gay and sexist slurs when referring to constituents, proves the Democratic Party’s repudiation of racism is a façade, D’Souza told WND.

“The racism in the Democratic Party today has taken on a new form. It’s still there, and we know its there. We actually saw hints of it during the presidential campaign when private conversations among Democrats showed that they talked very differently in private about minorities than they talk in public,” he said. “The public racism is gone. Democrats today don’t go on the Senate floor and start using the ‘N’ word in the way that they used to in the ’20s and ’30s. But we see a similarity today in the way that the Democrats use minorities, particularly African-Americans.”

The most troubled, dysfunctional cities in the United States are Democratic bastions where Democratic mayors have been elected for decades.

According to Investors Business Daily, Detroit, which last elected a Republican mayor in 1957, is the poorest city in the nation, with almost 40 percent of the population living below the poverty line. Chicago, which last elected a Republican mayor in 1927, is the home to some of the worst inner-city violence in the nation. More than 2,300 people were shot in the city last year, and nearly 400 lost their lives to homicide.

D’Souza attributes the high rate of poverty and crime prevalent in Democratic-run cities to Democratic lawmakers’ implementation of institutional racism

“Look at all of these neighborhoods, Oakland, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago – these places are as miserably off now as they were in 1968. Trillions of dollars of money have been spent and yet somehow the places never seem to get better,” he said. “But the Democrats don’t mind it that way. Why? Because they have one-party rule in those places. And they are able to get what they want out of the minority groups, which is votes.

“As long as the Democrats are getting minority votes, they are not particularly invested in the welfare of those communities. That, to me, is the new face of racism in the 21st century.”

D’Souza said he was compelled to write the “Big Lie” after discovering uncanny similarities between the American Democratic Party and the German Nazis.

“I knew that there were some chilling similarities between things that were going on in the Democratic Party in the United States and the Nazi Party in Germany. A case in point is that the Democrats for example had the Ku Klux Klan, an organization with three to five million members. The Nazi Party had the Nazi Brownshirts, also three-five million members,” he said. “Both were kind of para-military organizations. Both practiced racial terrorism – the Klan focusing on blacks but also other minorities, the Nazi Brownshirts focusing on Jews.

“But what I didn’t know is that the Nazis, and Hitler particularly, got some of his most vicious and genocidal ideas from the American Democrats, from the American progressives, and this is all documented in the “Big Lie.”

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War on statues spreads to Catholic saints

St. Junipero Serra

St. Junipero Serra

The war on statues spread to Catholic saints this weekend while a judge in Georgia lost his job because he criticized the monument vandals.

Vandals spray-painted a statue of Junipero Serra at a Los Angeles park across the street from Mission San Fernando on Thursday. A photo of the vandalized statue has gone viral.

Statue of St. Junipero Serra in Los Angeles was vandalized over the weekend.

Statue of St. Junipero Serra in Los Angeles was vandalized over the weekend.

St. Serra’s face, chest, and hands are spray-painted red, and the word “murder” is written in white down his front, reports CatholicOnline.com. A Native American boy standing with him as part of the statue has red painted under his eyes and down his front as though he were crying blood. A swastika was also painted on the boy.

This prompted Catholic Online to pose the question, “Where does this movement stop?

The statement is to suggest that St. Serra was somehow involved in the genocide of Native Americans by Europeans, the magazine hypothesized.

“While the public appears to be in a frenzy over controversial statues, St. Serra is a Catholic saint, and his statue is a religious icon. Of course, the non-religious do not appreciate this fact. Many locals condemned the act of vandalism, holding that the park is a public place for people to share, enjoy and take photos, an experience that is ruined by graffiti.”

As in Chicago with the Lincoln statue, there is debate now afoot as to whether the city should move the St. Serra statue to a museum where it will be safer.

Some are beginning to notice a parallel with the predictions made in George Orwell’s epic novel “1984” in which politically incorrect “facts” in both history and current events were swept down the “memory hole,” where they would be forgotten as if they never occurred.

“There is a growing movement afoot to sweep distasteful moments and people out of history,” states Catholic Online. “While objective history is static, it is often clouded by time and perception. History is constantly being revised as political and social attitudes change. The heroes of one time and place are often villains in another.

“The problem is not so much the removal of a statue to a museum, but rather the question of where does the revisionism end? After the statues, what next? The names of streets, buildings and cities? Should the money be reprinted to avoid any association with slavery? Should the Constitution be discarded or rewritten because its authors were slaveholders? And who will write the new one?

“History is filled with unpleasantness, just like the present. It is important to acknowledge the sins of the past, but it is also important to recognize that some of the same people also contributed great things to the world.”

Authorities on Monday said they arrested a man in Houston for attempting to place a bomb near a Confederate statue, the Associated Press reported.

A park ranger on Saturday found the man, Andrew Schneck, stooping down near the statue of a Confederate lieutenant in Hermann Park.

Schneck is charged with trying to maliciously damage or destroy property receiving federal financial assistance, the AP report said.

Schneck in 2014 was arrested for having explosive materials stored improperly.

Judge forced out for making Facebook posts critical of statue vandals

Meanwhile, a Gwinnett County, Georgia, magistrate judge has resigned after being suspended over politically incorrect posts he made on Facebook about the attacks on statues.

Magistrate judge James Hinkle resigned after being suspended for making comments on Facebook critical of statue vandals.

Magistrate judge James Hinkle resigned after being suspended for making comments on Facebook critical of statue vandals.

Jim Hinkle, a part-time judge who has served on the court for 14 years, resigned last week, Chief Magistrate Judge Kristina Hammer Blum said in a written statement.

“For 14 years, Judge Hinkle has dutifully served this court,” Blum said in her statement. “He is a lifelong public servant and former Marine. However, he has acknowledged that his statements on social media have disrupted the mission of this Court, which is to provide justice for all.”

Hinkle, who also was mayor of Grayson for two decades, made several posts over the weekend in which he called people protesting Civil War monuments “snowflakes” and “nut cases,” and he compared those who would tear down those monuments to radical Islamic group ISIS.

Hinkle’s critics then dug up some of his older posts to use against him. In January, the judge posted he was “proud to be a deplorable infidel.”

In other posts, Hinkle condemned Islam as a violent religion.

Later, he wrote “The nut cases tearing down monuments are equivalent to ISIS destroying history.”

  • In another incident, the University of Texas removed four Confederate statues from its Austin campus early Monday morning, amid growing pressure to take down such monuments in the wake of racist violence in Charlottesville, the Washington Post reported.

University president Gregory L. Fenves announced the decision late Sunday night, saying the “horrific displays of hatred” in Virginia had made it clear that Confederate statues had become “symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism.”

  • A bust of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized over the weekend for the second time in a week and a councilman who represents the Englewood area of the city is recommending it be moved to a safer venue.
  • In West Palm Beach, Florida, a Confederate monument in a city-owned cemetery was found vandalized Sunday, covered in red spray paint with the words “Antifa” and various expletives directed at “Nazis” and “KKK.”

The mayor of West Palm Beach said the Confederate monument will be removed, reports WPTV.

The city said the monument, owned by United Daughters of the Confederacy, will be placed in storage until the UDC decides what to do with it.

“We are going to remove it for them. We will put it in storage and they can take it and do what they wish, but it will not be on public property,” said Mayor Jeri Muoio.

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Ryan plays the race card on Trump

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (Photo: Twitter)

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (Photo: Twitter)

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Paul Ryan just can’t stop disputing President Trump on his response to the Charlottesville, Virginia, violence that left a woman dead and dozens injured.

Nine days after white supremacists battled left-wing extremists over the proposed removal of Confederate statues in the streets of the quaint historic Virginia town, Ryan issued a press release and took to Facebook insisting only one side was responsible for the ugly clash that resulted in the vehicular homicide of one and dozens of injuries.

“There are no sides,” he wrote. “There is no other argument. We will not tolerate this hateful ideology in our society.”


Trump has repeatedly condemned the neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists who sought a permit for a rally, but also the non-permit “alt-left” protesters, many of them clad in makeshift shields, carrying sticks and taunting the racists and fascists by throwing rocks, bottles and human excrement their way.

It appears Ryan can’t to let the controversy go – seemingly siding with Democrats who have clung to the issue with more tenacity that the almost forgotten “Russian collusion” charge. Ryan has previously tweeted similar comments three times.

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And, if that weren’t enough attention, he took to CNN Monday night in a townhall meeting – from his Wisconsin district where he is facing formidable opposition for re-election in 2018 from within his own Republican Party – to hammer the message home even harder.

“The immediate condemnations from left, right, and center affirmed that there is no confusion about right and wrong here,” Ryan said in his Facebook post Monday without specifically mentioning Trump. “I still firmly believe this hate exists only on the fringes. But so long as it exists, we need to talk about it. We need to call it what it is. And so long as it is weaponized for fear and terror, we need to confront it and defeat it. That is why we all need to make clear there is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis. We cannot allow the slightest ambiguity on such a fundamental question.”

He even linked to the announcement about the CNN appearance in his press release and Facebook message.


There’s speculation on Capitol Hill that this latest dig is in preparation for some upcoming legislative affronts to Trump – one of which is almost certainly the absence of border-wall funding in the budget bill that will also raise the debt limit.

Trump supporters on the Hill believe it is designed to push the president into a tough choice – vetoing the bill and, thus, forcing a government shutdown or allowing his signature border security initiative to be stalled or derailed.

When Congress comes back into session in two weeks, it doesn’t leave much time to raise the debt limit, which Trump has approved, but the current plan is not to include the border funding the president expects. In addition, conservatives in the House are concerned the package will not include the promised cutbacks in spending many Republicans, including Trump, promised during the 2016 election campaign.

Ryan has had an uneasy relationship with Trump since last year’s campaign. And it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

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Ryan’s message on Facebook was titled, “Let there be no confusion.”

But there’s bound to be confusion about why Ryan insists on harping on the race issue that has mobilized Democrats, the hard left and the anti-Trump media to the point of near hysteria.

About Charlottesville, which Ryan said he witnessed while on vacation with his family, he commented: “I felt the range of emotions that so many of us did. Anger, bewilderment, sadness. As I said then, the views that fueled this spectacle are repugnant. My hope was that the nation would unite in opposition to this bigotry. The immediate condemnations from left, right, and center affirmed that there is no confusion about right and wrong here.”

But there is clearly a difference of opinion between Ryan and Trump.

He added: “We all need to make clear there is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis. We cannot allow the slightest ambiguity on such a fundamental question.”

Far right protesters battle far left counter protesters Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.

Far right protesters battle far left counter protesters Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

One is left to ponder: Who is it that has not condemned the neo-Nazis? No one, but that’s the accusation by the Democrats against Trump.

“This is a test of our moral clarity,” writes Ryan. “The words we use and the attitudes we carry matter. Yes, this has been a disheartening setback in our fight to eliminate hate. But it is not the end of the story. We can and must do better. We owe it to Heather Heyer, and to all our children.”

Ryan’s comments were met with fierce criticism by commenters on Facebook, including the following:

  • “The Nazis, loathsome though they may be, have a right of free speech. They also had a permit to march. The Antifa thugs did not have a permit, and they certainly did not have a right to assault people with mace, clubs and thrown projectiles before the assembly. Antifa turned a simple display of racist do—-baggery into a riot. The president’s statement acknowledged that, why can’t you?”
  • “No mention of how poor the city officials and politicians handled the situation that led to her death? No outrage at the clashing protesters BLM and Antifa? Just the KKK. Well I’m sorry Paul, but you continue to disappoint. Maybe soon you will have plenty of time with your family in the mountains.”
  • “Why do you only talk about neo-Nazis? Why don’t you talk about Antifa? They seem to be the biggest violence threat. Are you afraid and your political correctness is getting in the way? Quit playing politics and give us straight talk or step down.”
  • “If Antifa had turned its back on this stupid march by the neo-Nazis, this would have fizzled out. But no – the left and the press turned this into a violent confrontation. Sounds well-orchestrated to me.”
  • “I completely agree, they are a hate group and should be condemned for it. What you and the rest of the politicians fail to say, or are too scared to say, is that the BLM and Antifa are also hate groups that should also be condemned.”

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This day in WND history: ‘Marketing of Evil’ has massive launch


‘Marketing of Evil’ has massive launch

Aug. 22, 2005: WND Managing Editor David Kupelian’s book, “The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom,” published by WND Books, launched with Kupelian as guest on the Sean Hannity Radio Show and Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes.”

According to the book, Americans have come to tolerate, embrace and even champion many things that would have horrified their parents’ generation – from easy divorce and unrestricted abortion-on-demand to extreme body piercing and teaching homosexuality to grade-schoolers.

WND-20-Years“The Marketing of Evil” reveals how much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped and sold to them as though it had great value.

View the full story

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PayPal bans Jihad Watch based on SPLC ‘hate’ smear


The Internet payment company PayPal banned the website of Islam expert Robert Spencer from using its service after a far-left news site accused Jihad Watch of “extreme hostility toward Muslims.”

Spencer told WND he was contacted by a reporter with ProPublica, a non-profit that conducts investigative journalism, and asked about the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center’s designation of Jihad Watch as a “hate group.”

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer

Asked by reporter Lauren Kirchner if he disagreed with the designation, Spencer replied, “Yes, I certainly do,” noting that for years, “leftists and Muslim groups with numerous ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have smeared as ‘hate’ all attempts to speak honestly about the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism.”

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But the ProPublica article produced by the reporting of Kirchner and three others, published Saturday, presumed SPLC’s “extremist” designation is correct, bearing the headline “Despite Disavowals, Leading Tech Companies Help Extremist Sites Monetize Hate.”

In an email from “Ronita” of PayPal’s Brand Risk Management department, Spencer was informed that, “Due to the nature of his activities,” PayPal has “chosen to discontinue service” to Jihad Watch, placing a “permanent limitation” on the account.

Spencer told WND he believes the ban is a big issue, because it won’t stop with him.

“Every group that the SPLC lists as a hate group will be targeted in the same way,” he told WND. “That includes many Christian groups and groups devoted to secure borders and sane immigration policies.

“Once they’re all shut down, the last remaining pockets of dissent will be mopped up, and America will be dead as a free society.”

Spencer says the left is “mounting an all-out assault against the freedom of speech, and using Charlottesville to try to crush all dissent.”

ProPublica reported Amazon.com previously removed Jihad Watch and three other sites identified by ProPublica from its program sharing revenue for book sales, Amazon Associates.

The questions Kirchner posted to Spencer on Friday for her article made it clear to the Jihad Watch director that her intent was to try to compel companies such as PayPal, Amazon and Revcontent to discontinue their business relationships.

Spencer replied to the reporter: “Are you comfortable with what you’re enabling? Not only are you inhibiting honest analysis of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, but you’re aiding the attempt to deny people a platform based on their political views. This could come back to bite you if your own views ever fall out of favor. Have you ever lived in a totalitarian state, where the powerful determine the parameters of the public discourse and cut off all voice from the powerless? Do you really want to live in one now? You might find, once you get there, that it isn’t as wonderful as you thought it would be.”

In the article, ProPublica said it conducted a survey that found PayPal, Stripe, Newsmax and others “help keep more than half of the most-visited extremist sites in business.”

“Where to set the boundaries between hate speech and legitimate advocacy for perspectives on the edge of the political spectrum, and who should set them, are complex and difficult questions,” the article state. ” Like other media outlets, we relied in part on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s public list of “Active Hate Groups 2016.

In 2010, WND reported PayPal reversed a decision to cut services to websites run by Spencer and activist, author and blogger Pamela Geller, the Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America, as well as Geller’s Atlas Shrugs.

Geller also was contacted by Kirchner and mentioned in the ProPublica article as one of SPLC’s “hate groups.”

WND recently reported the charity watchdog Guidestar has been sued by Liberty Counsel for posting SPLC’s “false and defamatory” hate designations on its pages for numerous mainstream organizations such as Liberty Counsel itself, Family Research Council and Alliance Defending Freedom, largely for their defense of traditional marriage.

On Monday, Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel’s founder and chairman of Liberty, responded to SPLC’s recent “hate label” with a call for “prayer and healing in a country divided.”

“As a pastor before becoming an attorney, my heart then and now is for hurting people,” he said. “Liberty Counsel is a peaceful Christian ministry that opposes violence. We believe that each person is created in the image of God and each one should be treated with dignity and respect.”

He said difference of opinion is no cause for violence or hatred.

“I have previously condemned the violence in Charlottesville perpetrated by KKK and white supremacist groups,” he said. “We must not allow the seeds of the Holocaust or the violence against people of color to take root again in America.

“But instead of speaking with a united voice against violence and hatred, the Southern Poverty Law Center and some irresponsible media have falsely included some Christian, pro-family, or conservative groups with real hate groups like the KKK.”

Stave said the “false labeling is defamatory and dangerous.”

“Moreover, this false label is exploiting a serious situation to push a self-interested political agenda. This must stop! We need to come together to speak against hatred and violence. I urge everyone to pray for the healing of our nation.”

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America warned of ‘race war’ if whites do 1 thing

White supremacists carry torches and chant racist slogans in Virginia on Aug. 11 (Photo: Twitter)

White supremacists carry torches and chant racist slogans in Virginia on Aug. 11 (Photo: Twitter)

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

To all the white people in the U.S. who worry that anti-white racism is at a fever pitch in today’s post-Charlottesville America, black radio host and author Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has a simple message: You’re 100 percent correct.

“I’ve been telling white people for the last 27 years that you’d better start speaking up,” Peterson told Stefan Molyneux recently on the Freedomain Radio podcast. “You’ve got to speak up, because if you don’t speak up, eventually you’re going to become angry. And then when you become angry, you’re going to come out fighting in the wrong way. And then they’re going to accuse you.

“They’re going to pass laws. They’re going to say, ‘Look, I told you the white man was racist.’ They’re going to blame you even more so.”

In Peterson’s view, white racism has nothing to do with the black community’s problems, and he encourages whites to boldly state this. However, white people have been afraid to speak up for the past several decades for fear of being called racist, he says.

Because whites are relentlessly scorned for something that is not their fault, they’ve become angry, according to Peterson. And this anger has led some of them – including the white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia – into a trap.

“Because they’re becoming angry, they are starting to fight this situation in the wrong way, not realizing that this is going to be used against them,” Peterson declared.



And the Charlottesville incident is being used against them. The mainstream and progressive media focused almost exclusively on the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who protested in Charlottesville, ignoring or even excusing the far-left “Antifa” counter-protesters who showed up and battled with the white supremacists in the streets.

Peterson, an exclusive WND columnist, urged white Americans to speak up and defend themselves, but never to do so in anger or with physical violence.

“If they fight with anger, and a lot of white folks are becoming angry, especially young whites. It’s going to be bad for the country,” he warned. “I predict that there will either be a race war or something – something bad will happen if white folks start to fight in anger. I understand why they’re mad, but it’s not right to get angry because anger backfires on you.”

Peterson has spent much of his career trying to help black men overcome their anger, just as Peterson did when he was young. It’s part of the mission of his nonprofit Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, or BOND, and it was a central theme of his book “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Peterson explains that anger is a major impediment in life. He told Molyneux that it prevents people from loving others and finding happiness. It also gets in the way of relationships with God and opens the door to fear and deception.

And when people don’t overcome their anger, he warns, it destroys them.

“All angry people feel like victims, and they blame someone else for the way that they feel,” Peterson cautioned.

He said when a person is angry, he becomes like the person with whom he is angry.

Only forgiveness can soothe the soul and dispel anger.

“If you really want to have control over your life, you must forgive, because in forgiveness you have perfect love,” the reverend advised. “Perfect love makes you free. It gives you authority over the enemy. And if you want to be strong, perfect love is the way to go, forgiveness is the way to go.

“Everyone who has anger is weak; they have no power, they have no authority, and they end up in the same situation one way or another over and over again. But once you forgive … you start to overcome situations rather than overreacting to situations, because every time you overreact, it destroys you. You are being controlled.”

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has the antidote to the hatred and dependency wrought by the so-called black “civil rights leaders.” Order your copy of “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood” from the WND Superstore today!

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IRS rehires personnel fired for targeting conservatives!


More than 200 IRS personnel who were fired for unethical and even criminal actions in connection with the targeting of conservatives are now back on the job, according to an inspector general’s report.

According to the Office of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, 213 people were rehired by the IRS despite a checkered history with the agency.

Those allowed back in between January 2015 and March 2016 include four people who were fired or resigned for failure to properly file their own income taxes. Four had been axed for improperly accessing taxpayer information, 86 others left while being probed for questionable leave, disrupting the workplace or failing to follow instructions, and 27 failed to disclose a conviction or being fired on their applications.

The inspector general’s report shows the audit was requested by an unnamed U.S. senator who was concerned about lax hiring practices at the IRS. The report concludes there was reason to be concerned.

“The IRS has not effectively updated or implemented hiring policies to fully consider past IRS conduct and performance issues prior to making a tentative decision to hire former employees, including those who were terminated or separated during an investigation of a substantiated conduct or performance issue,” said the report.

Out of 7,500 hires in the evaluation period, 213 raised red flags, and six of those were also flagged for improper conduct since returning.

“Although the IRS may have had a valid basis to rehire some of the more than 200 former employees with prior conduct or performance issues, TIGTA has serious concerns about the IRS’s decision to rehire certain employees, such as those who willfully failed to meet their Federal tax responsibilities,” the report stated.

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Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is a fierce critic of the IRS. He told WND and Radio America it’s pretty easy to distill this story.

“You could simplify all that and say they rehired 200-some people who were cheating, lying, and snooping on the American taxpayer. That’s what they were doing and, ‘Oh, we’re going to rehire them now and let them work in the Internal Revenue Service,‘” Jordan said.

“You can’t make this stuff up, can you? Just when you think you’ve heard it all about the IRS, they go and rehire people who have had this kind of background,” he said. “It is truly unbelievable.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Rep. Jim Jordan: 



Jordan led the charge to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for obstructing congressional efforts to investigate the IRS targeting of conservative organizations applying for nonprofit status. GOP leaders tabled the impeachment push, but Jordan said the same corrupt culture obviously still exists at the IRS.

“Remember what they did when they got caught targeting, systematically, for a sustained period of time, they were going after people based on their political beliefs. Political speech rights were under attack by an agency with the power, the clout, the potential influence on your life that the IRS has, that’s what they were doing,” Jordan said.

“It boggles the mind that the same people are still [there]. You almost want to laugh, but you can’t because it’s so serious,” said Jordan, with clear exasperation in his voice.

He said this type of government corruption and incompetence grinds the gears of honest Americans.

“There are a lot of things that make taxpayers mad but a couple in particular: one is when politicians don’t do what they said. A second one is when you have this kind of egregious behavior from the people whose salaries we pay,” Jordan said.

“And, frankly, the third is – and it goes along with the second – is this idea that there are two standards, one set of rules if you and I do something wrong but a different set if you’re part of the politically connected class. If your name is Clinton, Comey, Koskinen, Lerner, Lynch, you get a different set of rules than us regular folk. That’s the part that really bugs the American taxpayer, as well it should.”

Jordan said the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and a subcommittee that he chairs will be having hearings on this, but Congress has no power over IRS personnel decisions other than to shine the spotlight on problems.

He said the most important step in the coming months will be President Trump’s choice to replace Koskinen as IRS Commissioner. Koskinen’s term ends in November.

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While the IRS has tremendous power to meddle in Americans’ finances, Congress has its own financial deadlines coming up, namely a looming debt-ceiling fight and spending decisions for Fiscal Year 2018.

Democrats are already demanding a clean debt-ceiling hike. Jordan said GOP leaders would be foolish to embrace that idea.

“I would find it hard to believe that the speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) would go along with a clean debt-ceiling [increase],” Jordan said. “He understands that we’ve got a $20 trillion debt. You don’t just increase the limit on the credit card without also putting in place things that begin to help you address the real problem, which is that $20 trillion debt burden we now have.

“At the Freedom Caucus, we are opposed to a clean debt ceiling [increase]. We’ve been very clear about that. Every time we’ve increased the debt ceiling, we’ve done something that begins to help us with the huge debt problem that we have,” Jordan said. “Republicans control all of government. We just can’t do that.”

Jordan is not sure what to expect in the appropriations process, which seems destined for another continuing resolution or omnibus package rather ran regular order on individual bills. However, Jordan is resolute in keeping the taxpayer dollars out of the hands of insurance companies.

“One of the big issues that we’ll face is the idea that we’re going to provide these (cost-sharing reduction) payments, these bailouts to the health insurance companies,” he said. “I think that is a big problem, a big concern and something we should not do.”

Jordan is bullish on tax reform getting done in the coming months because “it has to” get done. He is also hoping to resurrect the Obamacare repeal effort. Jordan and two other Freedom Caucus members are circulating a discharge petition, which would force a floor vote on the 2015 “clean” repeal that passed the House and Senate.

But he said getting anything through the Senate will be a very tall order.

“As someone said the other day, ‘I don’t know if the Senate could pass a resolution right now that says motherhood is wonderful.’  It just seems like they can’t get anything passed over there,” Jordan said. “That’s a problem.”

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Top editors ousted at Los Angeles Times

(LOS ANGELES TIMES) — In a dramatic shakeup at the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago-based parent company has installed new leadership and plans to invest more resources in the news organization to move it more quickly into the digital age.

Ross Levinsohn, 54, a veteran media executive who worked at Fox and served as interim chief of Yahoo, was named publisher and chief executive of the 135-year-old news organization. The move was announced Monday by Justin C. Dearborn, chief executive of Tronc, the parent company of the Los Angeles Times and eight other daily newspapers.

Jim Kirk, 52, a veteran Chicago news executive, who was publisher and editor of the Chicago Sun-Times until last week, was named interim editor of the storied newspaper.

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Wounded judge fires back, kills gunman who ambushed him

() — STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (AP) — The Latest on the shooting of a judge outside an Ohio courthouse (all times local):

4:45 p.m.

(ASSOCIATED PRESS) — STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — The Latest on the shooting of a judge outside an Ohio courthouse (all times local):

4:45 p.m.

A prosecutor says the man who shot and wounded an Ohio judge was the father of a Steubenville High School football player convicted of rape in 2013.

Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin on Monday identified the shooter as Nathaniel Richmond, the father of Ma’Lik Richmond.

Ma’Lik Richmond served about 10 months in a juvenile lockup after being convicted with another Steubenville High School football player of raping a 16-year-old girl during an alcohol-fueled party in 2012.

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Is McAuliffe to blame for Charlottesville bloody violence?

Far right protesters battle far left counter protesters Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.

Far right protesters battle far left counter protesters Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

In the wake of bloody violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, a congressman is urging the Trump administration to investigate the roles of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer and “Unite the Right” rally organizer Jason Kessler in the escalation of street violence the left one woman dead and dozens injured.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, called for a Justice Department investigation during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Sunday.

“The way forward’s not gonna be easy,” Gohmert said. “And I think the Justice Department needs a full investigation of the governor, of the mayor. …

“We have got to have this investigated. They were [behind] the violence at Trump events, and they may have been behind this violence getting started. They facilitated it, anyway.”

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During the interview, Gohmert claimed Gov. McAuliffe and Mayor Signer had previously indicated there’d be violence in Charlottesville.

“The witnesses and the photographs show they herded these groups to create violence,” Gohmert charged.

Watch Rep. Gohmert’s comments:



Weapons stash? State police say none found

Gov. McAuliffe had claimed white nationalists stashed weapons around Charlottesville before the rally. He made the statement in an interview with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson.

“They had battering rams, and we had picked up different weapons that they had stashed around the city,” McAuliffe said.

But that statement just wasn’t true, according to Reason. Virginia State Police Corinne Geller told the online magazine no weapons stashes were ever found.

“The governor was referring to the briefing provided him in advance of Saturday’s rally and the extra security measures being taken by local and state police,” Geller told Reason. “As a safety precaution in advance of August 12, such searches were conducted in and around Emancipation and McIntire Parks. No weapons were located as a result of those searches.”

McAuliffe had also told the New York Times on Aug. 13 that up to 80 percent of the rally attendees had carried semi-automatic weapons: “You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army,” he said. The Times later edited McAuliffe’s quote out of its report.

Both McAuliffe and Signer have defended the actions of police before and during the Charlottesville mayhem, but according to the ALCU of Virginia, the police presence was ineffective.

Repeated attempts by WND to reach Gov. McAuliffe, Mayor Signer and Charlottesville’s Director of Communications Miriam Dickler for comment regarding the actions of police were met with no response. Phone calls went to voicemail, and emails were seemingly ignored.

Law-enforcement expert blames mayor

One police expert told WND he believes Mayor Signer is to blame for the Charlottesville catastrophe.

“There was a lack of police presence when this thing first kicked-off,” Joseph Giacalone, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York and a retired NYPD detective, said Monday.

“When you have two rival groups coming together in a very charged atmosphere, you have to have your cops lined up to prevent these skirmishes,” Giacalone continued. “They also should have had proper barricades surrounding that entire park.”

Giacalone believes Mayor Signer is at fault for the debacle.

“The police chief gets his marching orders from the mayor,” Giacalone said. “This is under his watch, so he’s ultimately responsible.”

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Jason Kessler, organizer of the white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally claimed “the police purposefully created the catastrophe that led to a melee in the streets of Charlottesville and the death of a counter-protester.”

As WND reported, Kessler was until recently a Barack Obama supporter and was also a member of the leftist radical Occupy Wall Street Movement, according to a report from a hard-left activist group. Before Kessler organized “Unite the Right” rally, it appears he was also a fan of President Clinton, gun control, Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and other leftist causes. The details from his recent past have many in the blogosphere and on social media asking: Was the Charlottesville rally organizer really a left-wing plant?

Kendall Bills, a counter-protester, reported that police did nothing to stop the violence.

“At no point did I see the police intervene in any violence they were witness to, including my own,” she told CNN.

Boston versus Charlottesville

Meanwhile, a “Free Speech” rally in Boston, Massachusetts, Saturday drew thousands of counter-protesters, but it did not result in death and serious injuries like the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, demonstrating that effective policing can prevent mass violence at such events.

Giacalone believes  the police response to the “Free Speech” rally in Boston was indicative of the effective policing measures that were absent in Charlottesville.

At the Boston “Free Speech” rally, up to 40,000 counter-protesters marched on the small crowd, but no one was seriously hurt.

The police response in Boston to the “Free Speech” rally differed drastically from the similar situation in Charlottesville, with the Boston Police Department providing escort for the “Free Speech” rally attendees.

Boston police gave “Free Speech” rally-goers escorts in vans as they left the rally, allowing attendees to escape confrontational crowds of counter-protesters.

In Charlottesville, police instead pushed the “Unite the Right” demonstrators into counter-protesters, sparking confrontations and violence.

Editor’s note: Video contains offensive language:



The ACLU of Virginia criticized the police response in Charlottesville.

“We asked the city to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and ensure people’s safety at the protest. It failed to do so. In our system, the city makes the rules and the courts enforce them,” ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Claire Gastanaga said in a statement. “It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure safety of both protesters and counter-protesters. The policing on Saturday was not effective in preventing violence.”

Report: Cops ordered not to engage

Fox News reporter Doug McKelway claimed a police source said officers were ordered not to engage violent protesters and counter-protesters.

“I know for a fact that we have heard from a senior law enforcement from another county nearby this one, nearby Albemarle County, who that says that some of his underlings who attended a briefing here conducted by the city of Charlottesville and the police department of Charlottesville and the mayor’s office of Charlottesville before Saturday morning’s riot happened, that they were not to make arrests without the explicit approval of the mayor of the city of Charlottesville,” McKelway said.

While the Boston “Free Speech” rally was decidedly less violent than the “Unite the Right” rally, 33 people were arrested in Boston on a variety of charges.

“The charges were mostly for disturbing a public assembly, resisting arrest, or disorderly conduct, though some were arrested for assault and battery on police officers – and a Norwich, New York, man was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm, and three men were arrested with knives,” reported CBS Boston.

The violence in Charlottesville resulted in only three arrests, even though violent clashes left one dead and at least 54 injured.

Think Progress notes that six individuals were arrested for public intoxication on the same weekend as the “Unite the Right” rally.

Giacalone said there is a way to mitigate the political violence plaguing America: enforcement of anti-mask laws.

“You have to enforce the anti-mask rules,” he said. “When you see masked people show up, there’s going to be problems.”

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